Need a little rest and a bit of romance?

Come to Corfu!

The island

Corfu is the most Northern island of the West Coast of Greece and is part of the Ionian Islands. It has a surface area of 593 square kilometres, and it has a population of about 113,000, about one third of which lives in the town of Corfu. The island is very green with a richly varied nature. Its long coastline boasts beautiful sandy beaches, as well as rugged rocky outcrops. The interior includes flat plains, but also mountainous and hilly areas.

Corfu City

The town of Corfu was built under Venetian, French and English influences and is UNESCO World Heritage listed. The city offers plenty of atmosphere and many attractions, including two forts, various musea, the Liston area with all of its terraces, the St. Spiridon Church and many beautiful squares and small alleyways. Shopping options in the city are extensive, ranging from tourist shops to more locally-focussed specialty stores. It's definitely worth taking the time to visit Corfu Town to enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine while absorbing everything that’s happening.


Villa Fisi is located just outside of Gouvia, about 800 metres from the town centre. Gouvia was originally a fishing village, and it has grown into a seaside town with shops, restaurants, bars and a beach. It has a central location on the east coast of the island, about 6 kilometres to the north west of Corfu Town, which makes it an ideal base camp for exploring the island. Gouvia is situated at a green bay, with a cosy pebble beach. The beach is suitable for children, the seafloor is slightly sloped, there are deckchairs for rent and various (water) sports are available.

Places of Interest

Other attractions on the island of Corfu include The Panto crater, The Achillion (traditional holiday residence of Empress Sissi), the Canal d'Amour, the Kaiser's Throne, Paleokastritsa, Mice Island, beautiful beaches and much more.   Sports lovers can enjoy activities such as diving, horse riding, golf, cycling or sailing. Corfu also has a lot to offer for walkers and hikers, for instance, the famous Corfu Trail.

Book our villa

Villa Fisi is a modern, well-maintained villa, located on more than 1,000 square metres of private land. Fisi is the Greek word for Nature. The House is located in a green setting on a no through road just outside of Gouvia and provides plenty of privacy. The lovely village of Gouvia has a beach, shops, restaurants and bars and is only about a 10-minute walk away.
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